3/31-4/1 process update:

began coloring in windows today. i thought i’d track the number of albums i listened to tonight just for some entertainment. carpal tunnel is kicking in hardcore. i’m almost done with the windows but it’s been an EXTREMELY long night so i think it’s time for some rest!

6:30-8:00 - La Roux, La Roux
8:00-8:40 - RuPaul, Glamazon
8:49-9:30 - Stromae, Cheese
9:32-10:00 - Two Door Cinema Club, Tourist History
(break from music, ate cheesecake while working instead)
11:27-11:57 - Matt & Kim, Grand
11:57-12:37 - RuPaul, Born Naked
12:37-1:11 - HAIM, Days Are Gone


3/27/14 update:

OKAY SO remember those 115+ individual buildings i drew? well i finally merged them into the drawing (images 1 and 2). it took about 9 hours to do this (i’ve literally been sitting at this computer since 2 this afternoon. it’s now 11pm. my eyes are about to explode) and i’m pretty excited about the results.

i’ve provided you guys a couple screenshots of the illustration.

intense coloring starting tomorrow!